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Sansevieria | Laurentii

Sansevieria | Laurentii

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This 'snake plant' is the perfect addition to any indoor garden! With stiff sword-shaped leaves, banded yellow on either side and a deep green center, the Sanseveria Laurentii will add an exotic look to your indoor or outdoor space. Not just pretty, they're on double duty adding a structural element to your space while cleaning your indoor air and removing harmful pollutants.

Easy to grow and super low maintenance, it's the perfect plant for beginners. Sansevieria are succulent plants, and need a well-drained soil. They can live for generations with very little attention. Let is stand alone in your living room, or plant a bunch for an effective 'wall' in your garden. These babies tolerate low humidity, and can be grown in high light, deep shade, and everywhere in between. 

🪴 Each plant is unique: depending on the season the size and shape may vary. 


Plant Care

Keep in bright, indirect light and water once soil is mostly dry.

Pets + Plants

This plant is not pet friendly.

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