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Calathea | Lancifolia

Calathea | Lancifolia

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The Calathea Lancifolia, also known as a Rattlesnake Plant, is a unique and beautiful plant with wavy edged leaves, varying shades of green, and deep purple undersides. All types of Calathea's are honored for the unique marking on their leaves, making them a beautiful addition, not just for your greenery fix but also for your pattern-play!

🪴 Each plant is unique: depending on the season the size and shape may vary. 

Plant Care

Calatheas like bright, indirect light but are very sensitive to water. We recommend watering with distilled water making the soil moist but never soggy. It's a little more fussy than some of the rest in it's class, but well worth the

Pets + Plants

This plant is pet friendly.

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