Living with Plants: Tiki Edition

Living with Plants: Tiki Edition

Regina Moomjean has one of the coolest homes on the coast. Her relaxed, 70s vibe makes our hearts sing! We had the joy of chatting with her about how plants make her home come to life and what they bring to her and her family of three. 

What plants have you found to be your favorite aesthetic?

I really love big statement plants and plants that trail. Although common, I’ve used pothos for my entire living wall and they make such an incredible statement. I literally feel like I have a jungle growing on my wall -- they are a constant conversation piece when I have guests. Other favorites are oversized congos and split leaf philodendrons - I really like the tropical vibe and feel so wild like I’m living in a Rousseau painting!

How has having plants in your home changed your home?

Plants are the heartbeat of my home - they are one of the grounding elements in every room of the house. They bring life, vibrancy and happiness to our entire space. I feel like without them, my home would just feel like a bunch of things, the second the plants are added they bring the space to life. Truly!

You have a darling little one - how is living with a toddler and all your plants together?

I’d say it’s an OPPORTUNITY. *insert hand over face* For one, it’s so special to share my husband’s and my love for plants with him at such an early age. He has his own watering can and loves taking care of all of our plant friends. That being said, it has proved its own challenges. We started hanging a lot more plants from the ceiling and buying plant stands that kept them all just out of his reach. It’s the coolest thing ever, but it’s also totally a lot of work. Ha! I love it though, it’s been a great way to get creative.


What is your favorite visual pairing with your plants (negative space, books, metallic, etc?)

Rattan! I love the way my plants look in baskets and vintage planters. I have a plant stand that my mom gave me that was hers in the 70s and it’s the coolest ever. I also tend to put a lot on plants in macrame hangers. I love the vintage vibe it gives our place.

What is your favorite plant (yes, you can only choose one!!)

I love Birds of Paradise… not as much their flower as the gorgeous, billowing leaves. I grew up going to Hawaii every summer and while I love every kind of plant, they are just particularly nostalgic to me. They transport me and make me happy. One day, my goal is to have a whole tiki inspired backyard bar, complete with a whole fence of birds of paradise. We’re already getting started - lucky for me, my husband loves them too!

Glitter Guide did a full home tour of this beautiful home here as well - check out more about what makes her home so special! 



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