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Hoya Obovata

Hoya Obovata

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We love this classic wax plant for it's dark green leaves and long vines. It's super easy to take care of and the perfect started plant for your or a friend.

Comes in plastic pot measuring 6 inches in diameter.

*Please note: In an effort to protect your plant and give it the healthiest journey possible, we only ship plants Monday-Wednesdays. This way we prevent warehouse delays over the weekend. Any orders received after 1pm on Wednesday will be shipped the following Monday.

Can only be shipped to the 48 continental United States due to customs regulations.

Plant Care

Keep away from direct light and low light. We recommend watering whenever the top layer of soil is feeling dry, although these plants are a little bit more drought tolerant that many other tropicals. We suggest using well draining soil.

Pets + Plants

This plant is not pet friendly.

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